Paige has been my therapist for nearly 2 years. I selected Paige because of her experience with anxiety patients, and this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I find our therapy sessions very relaxed and conversational, instead of me talking for one hour and receiving short responses of acknowledgment. Paige has provided me with wonderful direction and advice to help manage my anxiety and deal with my perfectionism, as well as much needed gentle perspective regarding the true root cause of my issues. I am so thankful to be one of Paige’s clients.
R. K., Shelby Township

I have been receiving therapy from Paige off and on for several years. Paige has helped me to identify and manage my anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive behaviors through providing clinical information, personal insight, relaxation techniques and other helpful strategies. She provides support, gives her clients her full attention, is kind, caring and empathic. Her office provides a relaxed, quiet and comfortable setting. I have had other therapists in the past, and feel that these qualities of the practice are important, and not all practices are the same. I drive between 4060 miles from home or work to my appointments with Paige and it is definitely worth the trip because having a good, trusting relationship with a therapist is important to me.
B. K., Richmond

Paige was the turning point in my daughter’s wellness. She didn’t just think about medicine as the answer. She gave my daughter tools to manage her anxiety and depression that are still effective today. She worked with my husband and I and our daughter to help us all do what was best for her recovery. She was always professional, caring, and understanding and helped us through a difficult time in our lives.
B. M., Grand Blanc

Paige has helped me to get through some really difficult times by giving me the tools I needed to make my challenges more manageable. Her professionalism is always combined with a loving heart and a caring concern for my well being. I have left sessions with Paige feeling my issues have been listened to, understood and addressed. I appreciate you so very much Paige. Thank you for being in my corner.
J. P., Utica

I was sexually abused from age 6 until 12. I started working with Paige at age 17. She took time to do group sessions with my family members as well as individual therapy. I went from relying on a daily dose of medication in order to stay emotionally stable, to graduating from college, working in a field that I love, and am getting married in a few months. I only worked with Paige for 5 years but she gave me the tools to rebuild my life ...tools that I use to this day.
J. L., Sterling Heights

I came to see Paige after being referred to her from the ER for panic attacks. After a couple of sessions, I learned how to calm myself and my panic attacks stopped without using any medicine. Paige taught me how to reduce my stress and my anxiety and I am thankful that I was referred to her.
N. L., Rochester Hills

Paige devotes her time and energy to me when I see her. I know she is really listening to me and wants to help me. The techniques she teaches are useful to me now, and will be forever. Her amazing strategies, listening skills and sincerity got me through the roughest time in my life.
K. M., Grand Blanc

I began working with Paige after the death of my father. Working through my grief and loss and having to reframe the challenges that I faced were extremely difficult. Paige was instrumental in helping me work through many changes with my family and my work. I was able to turn my loss into a “new normal” which helped me to regain my confidence in myself. Thank you, Paige.
M. M., Clinton Township